Data Science & Machine Learning

For over 4 years, we have been increasing the efficiency and profitability of companies using our own Data Science/Machine Learning solutions. Business processes that are still dependent on human decision-making, are unscalable and therefore will soon become a thing of the past for successful companies.

More About the Services
More About the Services

For Whom the Services are Intended

We can help you if you're dealing with any of these topics:

  • Maximizing profits or turnover
  • Automation of business processes
  • Price elasticity, turnover of goods
  • Optimizing online marketing, including tracking users without the use of cookies
  • Complex analysis of the current situation
  • Unplanned downtime of production machines due to mechanical failure
  • Strategic decisions regarding business development
  • Decreases in productivity, overwork or lack of human resources

Practical Use of Data Science

We will help you incorporate the use of Machine Learning in your business to improve profitability and streamline processes. Every company can learn to use Data Science to increase profits and customer satisfaction.

What Data Science Can Do:

  • Dynamic pricing of project items, across the board or individually.
  • Prioritize opportunities and customers
  • Optimizing product recommendations
  • Prediction of sales volume, price or other indicators
  • Analysis of the market, its changes and trends
  • Root cause analysis and problem diagnosis
  • Segmentation of customers, products, and suppliers

Give us the opportunity to understand your business and we guarantee that we will increase your profitability with Machine Learning.


Build knowledge in your own company

We'll set up the technical background for you and train your people so that you can use Data Science yourself and become a data-driven company. We will help you develop your own team focused on Data Science and Machine Learning. If you want to run your business based on data and results, not emotion, we'll help you make it happen.

Data-driven companies have:

more likely to get customers
more likely to remain profitable



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empower your company

Building a data-driven company

We adapt specific services to the individual needs of the customer

Find the use of Machine Learning in your company


  • Data mining
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Estimation and calculation of benefits
  • Creation of Proof of Concept solutions

The implementation of a complete technical platform for Machine Learning


  • Data storage methods
  • A prototyping and PoC environment
  • REST API development
  • Complete logging and analysis

Train your team in Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

  • Lifecycle of an ML model
  • Creating Solutions
  • Optimizing for better results
  • Use of Python in Machine Learning
  • Explainable predictions

Tailor-made Machine Learning consultations

  • Downloads or data collection
  • Business and process analysis

Developing your solution from scratch

We will help you in situations when you need to link your own processes or applications, or we can develop some for you from the beginning.

  • System and process integration
  • API development and orchestration
  • Robotic automation of processes
  • Custom application development

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Struggling with internal systems because they don't communicate very well?
With users/clients that are unnecessarily engaged in manual repetitive activity?